Other Staff Template (for users that are already staff)

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Other Staff Template (for users that are already staff)

Post by SwagLikeCaillou on Wed Apr 29, 2015 9:06 pm

*NOTE* This is for applying for Moderator, Admin, Superadmin

~~~~~~~Copy And Paste And Start A New Topic in Staff Application!~~~~~~~
Name :
In-game name :
Age (Must be at the age of 14 or older) :
Steam ID (steamidfinderretrosandbox.friendhood.netcom) :
Q: What rank are you applying for?
A :
Q: Have you read our staff rules?
Q : Why should we pick you? (1 paragraph, 4 sentences-Buffing your application more always helps)
A :
Q : How can you help us?
A :
Q : How active are you? (Include your time zone in your answer)
Q: How many warnings do you have?
*Note* Asking to read application is an auto-decline + Re-applying before a week is auto-decline


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