Sc0rched_P0tat0s Admin/Moderator Appeal.

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Sc0rched_P0tat0s Admin/Moderator Appeal.

Post by Sc0rched_P0tat0s on Fri May 15, 2015 6:57 pm

Name : Logan
In-game name : Sc0rched_P0tat0s
Age (Dont Fake The Age It Doesn't matter!) : 14
Steam ID (steamidfinderretrosandbox.friendhood.netcom) : STEAM_0:1:50736440
Q: What rank are you applying for You can not apply for moderator(If this is your first time it must be test-moderator)?
A : test moderator
Q: Have you read our staff rules?
A: yes sirree
Q : Why should we pick you? (1 paragraph, 4 sentences-Buffing your application more always helps)
A : Well for starters I'm pretty awesome and I have a lot of experience playing on multiplayer servers.  The reason you should pick me is because I'm good with players and I can easily get along with people too, this could make it easier to help contain or evade bad situations.  I have never been an admin or a moderator on gmod before but I have a feeling I could do it pretty well.  For these reasons I hope you include me in your server family. (I'm not very good at writing, I get writers block a lot)
Q : How can you help us?
A : I am a very good people person
Q : How active are you? (Include your time zone in your answer)
A: Due to computer problems my regular hours are on weekends. Time zone is eastern.
Q: How many warnings do you have?
A: 0


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Re: Sc0rched_P0tat0s Admin/Moderator Appeal.

Post by SwagLikeCaillou on Fri May 15, 2015 7:00 pm

+1 Good sentences and yes u do get along with players pretty fast Very Happy
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